Residential Gutter Cleaning

Gutters blocked? We clean all gutters and unblock downpipes leaving you with peace of mind.
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Clean and free flowing gutters are critical to protect your home from damage and mould

Residential Gutter Cleaning

Spotless Gutter Cleaning have specialised in gutter maintenance for over 12 years. Our commitment to our team’s safety, attention to detail and level of professionalism makes us the go to choice in gutter maintenance for many Melbourne homeowners. When it comes to residential gutters we have seen it all, concrete roof tiles, terracotta tiles, tin and colorbond roofs. Our adherence to processes designed to leave your home with spotless gutters while avoiding damage to your roof will leave you with the peace of mind to take gutter cleaning off your to do list for good.

Why Get Your Gutters Cleaned?

Gutters will fill with leaves and other debris over time, even with a product like gutter guard installed. Without regular cleaning the debris can clog downpipes and tight spaces in the gutters not allowing your roof system to manage the flow of rain water during a downpour or storm. This can cause a devastating effect to your home.

If the downpipes are blocked and dirty water builds up it can excessively flow over the top of the gutters causing potential flood issues around your home. But worse, it can also flow back to the house, into the eaves and eventually get into wall or roof cavities causing widespread water damage.

Gutters and Bushfires

If you live in a bushfire prone area, gutters can clog up quickly and getting them cleared before the onset of really hot weather can be important in reducing the likelihood of flying embers causing spot fires on your home.

How Do You Know If You Need Gutter Cleaning

Depending on the location of your home and whether there are lot’s of trees around or not can help determine how regularly your gutters will need cleaning. As a general rule, they should be cleaned at least once a year, or 2-3 times a year if you are surrounded by tall trees (especially pine or eucalyptus).

If you are unsure when the gutters were last cleaned it’s usually fairly easy to tell if they need cleaning. Some obvious things to look out for include plants/weeds growing over the lip of the gutter, dripping or overflowing during normal periods of rain, or birds hanging around your gutters which is usually due to pooling water.

Getting The Right Help

Cleaning gutters can be dangerous. Whether cleaning from a ladder or from the roof the risk of injury is ever present. All our staff are trained to work at heights with professional safety equipment. By leaving gutter cleaning to the professionals not only will you stay safe, you will get a better quality clean by someone who knows exactly what they are doing and has the correct equipment for the job.

Finally our gutter experts will be able to provide feedback on the quality of your gutters, your roof and anything that may prevent further blockages or damage. This information can increase the lifespan of your roof and gutters potentially saving you thousands in costly repairs.

We can’t check this without cleaning your gutters though, so get your gutter clean scheduled as soon as possible.

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We follow a clear and simple process for all jobs ensuring the best clean possible

  1. We hand scoop most gutters for a complete clean. Where appropriate we use gutter vacuums.
  2. If roof is walkable, we air-blow any small debris unable to be scooped.
  3. We flush all gutters with water to get rid of any stuck or sticky debris.
  4. Using specalty tools we ensure all down pipes and spouts are free of blockages.
  5. Finally we wash down the outsides of your gutters with a hose so there is no visible dirt.
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5 star rating
Loved that Brenton sent me photos of before and after - highly recommend:)
5 star rating
Highly recommend these guys.. arrived on time, polite and did a fantastic job
Natalie Richter Morgan
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5 star rating
Great service from Brenton. Even under rain and freezing cold day he did a fantastic job. Highly recommended!!!
5 star rating
I am happy that I decided to get services from this company. Brenton was very professional, quick and humble. He cleaned all the gutters properly, washed the roof and cleaned up after that.
5 star rating
Brenton has done an excellent job at my property. He has spent about an hour on it, cleaned the gutters and downpipes thoroughly and left the area spotlessly clean.

Why choose Spotless Gutter Cleaning for your gutters?

Onsite roof inspection with every clean
Before & after photos of every gutter clean
Fast over the phone satellite quote & booking system
Professional, insured & experienced tradesmen
Priority booking and discounts for regular customers
Industry leading pricing starting from just $149
Properly flushed downpipes (not just vacuumed)
Fast, affordable gutter cleaning, leaving no mess
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